The 42nd IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN 2017)

The IEEE LCN conference is the premier conference on theoretical and practical aspects of computer networking. LCN is highly interactive, enabling an effective interchange of results and ideas among researchers, users, and product developers. Major developments from high-speed networks to the global Internet to specialized sensor networks have been reported at past LCNs. Please join us for our 42nd annual meeting in an exciting, new venue. For additional information, please check the LCN web page:

The International Workshop on Enabling Communications and Networking for Future Internet (WECNet'17)

The Workshop on Enabling Communications and Networking for Future Internet is going to be held in world's only island city-state, Singapore. The motive of WECNet  is to bring together computer scientists, researchers, engineers, and people from industry to exploit the world in a best possible way for mankind. WECNet in conjunction with LCN 2017 has the focus on Future Networks especially IoT and its enabling technologies from the perspective of networking and communication. Internet of Things (IoT) is of vital role in Future Networks and is at the forefront in its latest extensions. The major enabling technologies that are giving a flying kick start to the Future Networks are IoT, ad hoc and wireless sensor networks (WSNs), short-range wireless communications, real-time systems, low power and energy harvesting, radio frequency identification, machine type communication, resource-constrained networks, embedded software and in situ processing. Among all others, IoT is an enabling ubiquitous computing technology with novel design paradigm to integrate global physical objects, cyber and social spaces, machines and lot of other thingamabobs. It may also be envisaged as a web of trillions of machines. Therefore, many other extended terminologies can be found in literature like a web of things, social Internet of things, internet of vehicles, internet of cities, internet of robotic things, internet of trains, internet of smartphones, industrial IoT, industrial internet of the micro smart grid, internet of battle things, etc. Communication and networking is at the heart of this wave for gaining multifold sustainable and viable benefits from constituents of Future Networks and its interacting technologies (radio frequency identification, wireless sensor network, Wireless personal area network, wireless body area networks, machine to machine, cloud computing, data centers, Bluetooth, Zigbee, LTE-A, Satellite).

Accepted and presented workshop papers will be published in the conference proceedings and will be submitted to the IEEE digital library (IEEE Xplore). Moreover, extended version of selected high-quality papers will be invited for exclusive consideration in the special issue of reputable Journals