WECNet17-LCN Workshop – Singapore (Download PDF)

This workshop focuses on networking and communication technology for Future Networks for addressing the recent emerging trends, and associated challenges to meet with underlying requirements. Submissions could discuss novel ideas, original results, theoretical and applied research in topics, but not limited to:

  • RF/microwave/optical/terahertz devices, signal processing, and communications
  • Energy-efficient/aware Computing, Networking & Data Centers
  • Efficient communication under delay or quality of service constraints
  • Communication and networking issues and their solutions in Future Networks
  • Data Center Networks with OpenFlow
  • IoT access network technologies and capillary networks
  • Testbeds, case studies, experimental measurements, performance evaluations and optimizations in communication and networking
  • Infrastructure of information network
  • Data Integration, Data Dissemination, Data Management, and Query Processing Algorithms
  • Software, hardware, devices, and equipment
  • Emergence in user experience and quality of service for green IoT
  • Energy efficient protocols and algorithms for device-to-device, small and dense networks
  • Communication and networking protocols among enabling technologies in Future Networks
  • MAC/Network layer cooperative communications for Future Networks
  • Network design, coding, and infrastructure for Future Networks